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UltraStor is dedicated to providing exceptional storage solutions and customer service. We understand that you’re storing some of your extra belongings that you don’t have room for, and so we strive to keep our facilities clean, easily accessible, and secure.

Our customers include all types of businesses, from sole business owners to large multi-nationals looking for document storage or commercial self-storage, as well as private individuals and homeowners looking for affordable, self-storage facilities for varied uses, whether short-term or long-term.

We offer a variety of storage solutions, including:

1. Self-storage for the home

Whether you’re renovating, moving, or de-cluttering, you can store some of your possessions right in your neighbourhood and:

  • De-clutter for a quick home sale
  • Gain more living space
  • Ease through a transition
  • Rotate seasonal items
  • Preserve family memories or heirlooms

2. Self-storage for your Business

If you feel like your workplace is getting congested, you can free up some of your expensive office space by storing extra inventory, materials, supplies, or business records, and:

  • Organise store inventory
  • Gain more office space
  • Improve operational productivity
  • Rotate seasonal tools
  • Easily access office equipment
  • Manage business fluctuations

3. Specialty self-storage

Not many things get better with age like wine does. A few years in the right cellar can transform your wine into something wonderful and valuable, but only if you take good care of your bottles during their storage period. We provide specialty storage where you can adjust the temperature and other parameters of your unit to achieve the most appropriate environment for whatever you’re storing.

4. Indoor Vehicle Storage

Your car is one of the most valuable and functional possessions, and sometimes you may need to keep it in a safe place in your absence, or when not in use.

Our indoor storage facilities are large enough to occupy not only your car, but also trucks, boats, trailers, and other automobiles. Some of the benefits of our indoor car storage units include:

  • Protection from environmental dangers, like sunlight and precipitation
  • Protection from dust and dirt
  • Protection from extreme temperatures and elements
  • The ability to store other items alongside your vehicle or boat, like fishing gear

5. Short & Long Term Options

We offer flexible rental terms and payment structures that are suitable for your storage needs. Clients looking for short-term storage in order to renovate their home, host a party, stage their house, fumigate, or fulfil some other short-term purpose will find our packages convenient.

Those looking for longer time storage, on the other hand, can enjoy massive savings from our occasional promotions and discounts. But more importantly, they can have peace of mind wherever they go, knowing that their valuables are completely safe in their storage unit, and insured in the event of an accident.

Storage designed for you

At UltraStor, all our operations are designed to enhance customer convenience. Our facility is purpose built and designed with security and convenience at the core, offering easy and flexible access, the most up-to-date security technology, and friendly, well-trained personnel.

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