Short & Long Term Storage Options

Storage is not forever, but we know that different people often require rental space for as short or as long a period of time as necessary to stock some of their personal effects or business items. UltraStor seeks to provide you with flexible, safe, and secure rental storage for as much extra room as you need for a few days, months, or years.

Short-term storage

If you’re looking for some short-term storage while you renovate your home, have time between rental agreements, or simply need areas cleared while you paint, we can provide you with some quick and easy temporary storage space. The length of your storage space rental lease is dependent on you, plus you can move your items in at a moment’s notice.

Extra space when renovating

You can use our clean self-storage units to keep your possessions when renovating, like when transforming your garage into living space. Consider covering some of your furniture with drop cloths, sofa covers, or protective wrapping.

Storage space when downsizing or moving

Consider renting some storage space short-term to store your household items when staging your home to help sell it fast. You could also store some commercial items short-term as you gradually move into your new business premises.

Favourable payment options

For short-term storage, our contracts can be broken down to small time periods that suit your needs, so you don’t pay excess.

Long-term storage

Looking for long haul storage? We have you covered. We make long-term storage affordable, simple, and stress-free. Long-term storage can be used when moving into a smaller house, when your small business does not have enough storage space, or when travelling abroad for a while.

We offer:

Proper security

While a large warehouse can be used for short-term storage, it is not ideal for long haul storage. For starters, it may not be climate controlled; secondly, you may have to share the space with other clients. When considering long-term storage, it is best that you rent a private unit that is safe and secure – alarmed units, surveillance cameras, restricted gate access, and perimeter fencing, among other considerations.

Climate control

While these units cost a little more than standard storage, they ensure that your delicate valuables, like furniture, upholstery, musical instruments, fine art, and other sensitive items, are not damaged by extreme temperatures and high humidity, or corroded with mould and mildew.

Favourable payment plans and discounts

Our rates for long-term storage are usually discounted depending on how long you intend to use the space, plus we give you flexible contracts and payment plans.

Easy and unlimited access

You can access your valuables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Short and long-term storage for every size and budget

Our storage experts are ready to help you find the ideal rental storage space for your items and wallet. We have rooms that are small enough to be an extension of your closet space or for furniture storage, and very big units the size of a spacious apartment. In other words, we are the ideal self-storage solution for all your needs.

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